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UHMWPE Black roller

UHMWPE Black roller

Dunone UHMWPE Conveyor idler is a patented product, and it sets a new standard for rollers with a excellent combination of wear and corrosion resistance, no sticking and no damage to belt, impact strength and light weight.
    The shell, bearing house and labyrinth sealing are all manufactured from the most famous polymer material UHMW PE with a molecular weight between 3 millions and 6 millions more than 10 times that of HDPE. UHMW-PE own the best self-lubrication, impact absorbing properties and the highest resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals of any thermoplastics polymer.
    The sealing of Dunone Roller are also creative and effective, they constitute of labyrinth seal, narrow clearance seal and rubber lip seal. They offer much higher efficiency of preventing dust get into the bearing than traditional labyrinth seal, and no water could get into the bearing.Due to the advanced polymer material and optimum construction design Dunone Roller offer unique properties unmatched by conventional steel and HDPE roller. This type of UHMWPE idler has been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world and particularly suitable for South America market and we have professional engineers and all of them have rich experience in this field, we can design the goods independently.  



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